Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Head Cleaner

The heads have been woefully neglected, I'll admit.  I have cleaned them but felt that I shouldn't use Comet scrub like I did at home on land for my entire life.  The tub drains flow directly into the water beneath the boat.  I've been using the all purpose cleaner I made but it has left a ring around my tub and was not easy to use.

Back to the Internet I went... where I found this recipe on Martha Stewart's website.:

1 Tsp. Liquid Soap (I used Dawn)
Tea Tree Oil  (a few drops)
1 C. Baking Soda
(1/4 C. Borax optional for tough grime)
Water to make a paste

I may have used more water that was called for but it worked out just great and made using it very easy.

I stirred it every time I needed to add more.  Just dribbled a couple of spoonfuls onto my green scrubber and went to work.  I found it best to wet the intended surface first.

I scrubbed the entire forward head and left it on to soak for about five minutes, then went back and rinsed it all with a quick wipe down.  Next, the aft head where the tub and glass enclosures are.  I was running out of goop by this time and just had enough to do the tub and enclosure but not the area outside the shower stall.

Next time I'll make a double batch, which should do both heads from floor to ceiling very nicely.

I was pleased to see that it easily cleaned the grimy tub ring and the tea tree oil will inhibit the growth of mildew in the cracks.  There was just enough grit to make the job VERY easy.  It also did a surprisingly good job on shining the stainless fixtures and left the enclosure glass free from calcium buildup marks.

Tell me why we aren't given this recipe the FIRST time we clean a bathtub!!!  I'll be using this for life!

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