Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Dream In Motion

Ocean Dream

                                                                        Ocean Dream

The transition for me has been seamless... like slipping from waking to a dream.  Only now the dream is my reality.  

Nearly four months....  Such a short time really, and yet, it seems as if we've lived here in our little cocoon forever.  Maybe we didn't have as far to go as others... like those people who just decide one day that they're going to buy a boat and get on it.  Cold Turkey, total emersion.... No, for us, this has been the best part of our lives for a long time.  So when people ask us "how can you live in such a small space?", we've stopped trying to explain.

The time has passed so quickly.  Suddenly, Winter is coming to a close.  Perhaps moving aboard in Winter has helped us along.   The South Texas Winter hardly deserves to be called a season.  It is nothing like real winter...but it does often have us holed up inside.  Has it has really been unseasonably cold, wet and dreary this year, or are we just more keenly aware of the day to day changes, living out in it as we do?  Maybe a little of both... 

I do know that it has given us the time to bond with our new home.  We've fallen into step with the daily life.  When I say I'm going home... I mean Dos Libras.  I no longer dream  of life on land... I dream in motion.  

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