Saturday, March 30, 2013

Four Months In...

If I close my eyes and it's very quiet… nothing but the sound of the water lapping against the stern…  I can take myself to a place where it's warm.  I remember a day when we motored across Corpus Christi Bay on Elan.  The Bay was absolutely like glass.  The only ripple was our wake.  I can feel the immense heat on the top of my head as it radiates from the brutal sun beating down on the bimini.  Bruce used the cockpit shower to wet his hat and his shirt.  I took the hose and sprayed the top of the bimini to give us some short-lived relief from the heat.  We continued to swelter as sweat poured down my neck and slid down my chest.  

THERE!  I did it!  I'm sure that I will regret longing for warmer weather (soon, very soon).  But I've reached that point where I just can't take another cool front.  Usually this happens in February.  Here we are at the end of March and the Norther's are still coming!  Once again, I'm hoping that THIS cool spell will be the LAST ONE!  No doubt I'll be eating these words, but right now… I'll risk it!  

We have made it through winter on the boat.  We have huddled in the warm cabin below.  We have enjoyed sitting in the cockpit solarium in comfort while the winds howled just inches away.  We have taken advantage of those few warm weekends by taking nature walks and strolls on the beach.  We suffered through Spring Break Week when I sat in my car for an extra 25 minutes waiting for beach goers to get to wherever they were going.  NOW comes the good times.

I can't wait to form new patterns and workflows as we take down the enclosure and send it for repairs.  We have a set of new insulated hatch covers on order to keep that sun for super heating our refuge down below.  I will get some sun on my pasty white skin and maybe shed a few winter pounds.  

The only trouble is, it will be even more difficult to go to work each weekday.  There are so many projects that I can't wait to get started.  The list grows and grows.  Only two and a half months to go until we're Real Cruisers!

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