Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Tape stretched across the box solved our problem!

One of our little darlings… I won't say which one in the interest of protecting her reputation… finds it inconvenient to squat when visiting the convenience box.  This periodic lapse causes a nasty mess on the floor outside the box for me to clean up.

Over the years, we've spent countless $$$ buying boxes with increasingly taller and taller sides, with no relief.  We have resorted to using an unlovely plain plastic storage box which seemed to have improved things, but she finally figured it out.  If she backs all the way to the corner, she can lift her tail and manage to whiz over the side.  

This prompted us to purchase a rubber mat with little resevoirs to catch said "spills".  This keeps them contained but still… the familiar scent wafting up to my nostrils plunges me into another unscheduled cleaning frenzy.  What to do? What to DO? 

Feline eradication being out of the question… We had to get creative.  This low tech solution seems to have solved our problem.  We stretched a length of whatever we had on hand at the time, which happened to be duct tape… across the top of the box from side to side a couple of inches from the back.  (We were even nice enough to tape the bottom edge to keep from de-fuzzing the cat when she rubs up against the tape)

Her tail hits the tape which causes her to be unable to clear the top of the box when she backs her bootie into position.  Eureka!  We've outsmarted a FELINE!


  1. It's a great feeling when you outsmart your cat! Our kitty has aiming issues some of the time too, usually I catch him in time to slightly adjust his position by the tail.

    1. Sarah I think I read that on your blog and almost fell over laughing. Poor cat is going to get a complex! I never seem to catch our girl at it so this will have to do! So far so good! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Replies
    1. LMAO... Thanks Jane! I don't think I've ever rated that high before! It is still working by the way. Kitties haven't figured out a way to get around it yet.