Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Icy Decadence

That's a 20 lb. bag of ICE in there!
I can hardly contain my excitement at the good fortune that has befallen us today!  May I have a drum roll please... We have a FREEZER!  Yes, we've hit the big time in Cruiser World!

When we bought Dos Libras, the fridge was in poor working order and the freezer was a no-show.  Before Bruce left Rhode Island to sail her home, we had a new refrigeration unit installed. We figured we could have it done conveniently and economically in RI where there were lots of people who did work on boats....  not so.  We got hosed on the fridge and it has been repaired twice now due to shoddy installation.... be think we have it worked out now.

The freezer compartment was used by the previous owners, and until now... us, as a storage bin.  What will we do with the stuff we've kept in there?  I don't CARE!  We have a freezer!

One of the top items on the list of Things-I-Think-I-Will-Miss when we go cruising, (before we bought a boat with the possibility of a freezer) was ICE!  I'm not so good with warm drinks and I'm not a huge wine drinker.  I just knew life would be one long search for ICE... until today!  Now, we'll be the "Cool-Aid Boat".  That's the boat where everyone hangs out... because we will have lovely ICE!

We can come to happy hour at other boats and bring the ICE!  We can come to pot lucks with the ICE! Get it?  I'm doin' the happy dance about ICE!

So now we can start learning to live WITH a freezer, as we've previously learned to live withOUT one.  Congratulate us for the bounty that we enjoy and wish us many happy years of sundowners with ICE!  We can go ahead and catch that big Tuna and slice her up for the freezer... And may we never need to have that giant BBQ to cook all of our meat up for the neighbors... because of freezer fritz.  Instead, may we have that giant BBQ for our neighbors because we have a freezer full of ICY decadence!

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