Monday, December 21, 2009

Round 2 Christmas with the Girls

We left Mark and Laura's house and came back to our place, got into our jammies and began round 2 of the gift opening extrava- ganza! Brittney and Melissa doled out the gifts.
We let Bruce open his first... age before beauty... He had been on a personal shopping spree and bought his own gifts, which he made me wrap so that the kids could see him open something. It's still fun for me because I can never remember what's in the boxes even though I wrap them myself.

Jezabelle is always in cat heaven when the paper starts to pile up on the floor. She's so funny.
Too bad all of my kids can't have this much fun so cheaply!

The only thing really on my gift list was Switch flops. Some of my BYC friends have them and are making their own ribbon covers for them. The girls got them for me in black and brown, and a bunch of ribbons too.

They go great with my festive poinsettia toes.
Next on my list was a new purse. Bruce did very well in going back to the store where I had seen a good one, and buying it. Unfortun- ately for him, I found out about it because he put it on our credit card. He's such an amateur but he's coming along.
I had the girl's big gifts shipped to their home as they wouldn't fit into Melissa's car. Mel got a jewelry armoire and Britt got a flat screen TV for her room.
Every year I swear not to go overboard again, and every year I do it anyway. But I love to see the kids open their gifts and I'm sure they aren't complaining.
Then there's the obligatory Christmas Cash! The way I figure it, Bruce and I have all we need and the kids don't. I get a great bonus each year from my employer and I won't be working forever. So, why not pass it along to my two favorite people. I can think of no more deserving people. It truly is better to give than to receive.
It was all over in a flash, the kids cleaned up the mess and stowed away all the loot. It was time for bed, as the morning was the beginning of a big day for me.

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