Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009 With Treasured Friends

The kids were spending the holiday with their father in San Antonio. Bruce and I had done all of our Christmas- ing and I had spent the past 4 days on my backside recuperating. Poor Bruce is in the running for a Sainthood and I'm the first to vote in his favor, but let's face it... his cooking is... shall we call it "manly". We were lucky enough to have been invited to the home of our very good friends, Jacquie and Steve to have dinner on Christmas Day.

We got there at about noon and were greeted in the usual exhuberant fashion by Sandy, shown here sporting the new "sailor dog" collar we got her for Christmas. Sandy always does a great job of making us feel welcome! Bruce took the brunt to protect my tender nose from the onslaught. He's my hero. I did get to snuggle with Sandy a bit after she settled down.

Jacquie cooked a fabulous meal, including ham, vegies and crablegs. It was all so healthy, which was welcome at this point. It was also all home made, right down to the monkey bread, and of course, this grand apple pie.

We ate our fill and sat around the kitchen table in comfort and solved all of the problems of the world. It was a lively conversation flowing naturally from one thing to the next, lubricated by the wine and yummy cream liquours. We stayed so long, it was time to eat again! So Jacquie got out some leftover ham and crablegs, threw in some cheese and olives and we had another feast! Things wound down after that and I had to drive my toasty husband home. Thanks so much to J&S for making our day such an enjoyable and relaxed one. And thanks too for the doggie bag!

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