Monday, December 21, 2009

Nose Job is Relative

My kids were here really to attend my surgery. I've been trying to feel better for a year and Dr.s have told me that I can't breathe. This is causing me to be unable to get good sleep, which affects all the rest of my life. So, they talked me into having my deviated septum repaired. I was not really looking forward to the kids seeing me in such a position, but they refused to discuss letting me do this without them. So Bruce and the kids lead me to slaughter on a bright clear Monday morning. HEY! People! This is about ME! Focus!

I had done a marvelous job of not thinking about this up until right up to the moment of surgery. I was assured by my Dr. that the surgery its self, would be trauma free. The worst part was the insertion of the IV. OK, now this is real. The nurse did a great job actually, it wasn't her fault that I nearly passed out.

We waited a short time, then I was taken into the OR where my Dr. awaited, chuckling at how funny I looked in my hair net and gown. I told him not to find it so funny as he was twice as silly looking as I was in his big ole cowboy boots. He pouted and I made sure he had eaten a nice breakfast and that none of the young people in the OR had irritated him recently, then my head began to spin and I was gone.

No sweat! I woke up after it was all over and had no nausea, no nothing. Just a really big schnoz! My family took me home to bed. Now I've not had to fill my pain meds but have made it thus far on Tylenol Extra Strength. I can really tell when it's wearing off however. The mess has been unpleasant, but the swelling has gone down and the internal packing is dissolving. I've been able to kind of start breathing. It's too soon yet to tell how good it will be. Sleeping is not great as I really can not breathe through my mouth, which is a must at present. I think my nose might even be a bit more straight, so I'm encouraged. Every day is a bit different... more lately, there has been some discomfort. All in all, not too bad but the jury's still out.

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