Monday, March 23, 2009

Staycation Day 3 - House Projects

The wind was pretty much howling so Bruce and I took the bench for our atrium home to work on. We spent the morning on Monday shopping for what we would need for our project.

I put on my painting clothes and set up in the garage. Bruce did some things around the house and cleaned the atrium walls for painting while I put a base coat on the bench.

I painted all day and got it all painted nicely so that it won't rot. Our atrium is a very humid environ- ment and things don't last long out there.

Once that was done, I noticed that Bruce had moved on to installing the new ceiling fan we bought for the atrium.

I always want to help (take over) any fun job like that so it wasn't long before I had him pushed out of the way and was doing it myself. We had a bit of trouble with the electrical and had to take it apart and do it again a couple of times... but finally we had it up and whirring quietly along. We're looking foward to trying out our new bench with the fan cooling our private sanctuary. It had been a long productive day. We got lots of things done. The best part was that when it was all done... we were still speaking to one another!

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