Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anna & Laura's Double Wedding Shower

Mother and I drove to the home of one of Laura's childhood friends' parents in Richmond on Saturday for a wedding shower. Laura's sister, Anna is getting married in April so they decided to make it a double. Melissa and Brittney met us there as an added treat!
Everything was just gorgeous! The home was done up in Laura's (pink) and Anna's (green)favorite colors. Perfect for spring. Their mother has created an emblem for each of the girls with MC encorporated into them and representing the theme of each girl's wedding. They had delicious cookies made of them.

They served mimosas with Chambord in them... yumm! Melissa was asked to do the honors of recording all of the many beautiful gifts that Laura received. She has chosen some very classic and beautiful things for her home with Mark. I think she has very good taste!

After the gift opening, there were a couple of very simple games then some photo ops. It was a beautiful party and a good time was had by all.

Mother volunteered us to load the BMW with loot for the trip home. We filled it up and Laura still had a load to bring home herself. I think it was a success! It was also great getting to see the kids for a while.

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