Sunday, March 22, 2009

Staycation Day 2

Sunday morning was beautiful. We had coffee in the cockpit as we watched the sunrise. Ahhh, this is the life. We contemplated the days stretching out before us and made a list of the things we needed to do. Just a couple of boat chores and get in some sailing.

We had breakfast on the boat and Bruce did some puttering while I cleaned up a bit down below. Bruce had invited some sport fisher boaters from down the dock to go sailing with us. It's always fun to have company!

We sailed up and back in the Lydia Ann Channel for a few hours, chatting and laughing and, as always, sharing boat stories. Bruce gave everyone who wanted it a chance to try the helm. It was a surprise that this power boater did so well!

We went back to the slip and I finally got to do some sunbathing. I didn't have the nerve while we were out with friends as I'm still carrying around those extra winter LBs.

We lazed around all afternoon and had an early dinner of leftover boat chicken. Daisy from two boats over thought it smelled heavenly and came over to try her luck.

After dinner we took a nap for an hour or so and then decided to go back to the house for the night. The winds were supposed to howl on Monday and I was excited about starting the paint project. Remember we had bought the bench for the atrium? Home we went!

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