Sunday, February 5, 2017

Salt Island How I Love Thee

Morning calm at Privateer Bay
Early the next morning we met up with Adventure US 2 just outside the entrance to The Bight on Norman Island to resume our circuit of BVI hot spots.  There was no interest in snorkeling or diving the wreck of the Rhone just off of Salt Island, but spending the night in Salt Island Bay would put us in a good position to arrive relatively early to The Baths the following morning.

We motored straight at it and once again I felt the pressure to provide an enjoyable time for our friends and their guest.  All I knew is that this anchorage and this island have provided Bruce and I with some of our best times yet… and I wanted to share the experience.  

I sensed some skepticism about Salt Island but I think that after our stay here, I can honestly say that a good time was had by all!  There was a bit of wave action in the anchorage but it wasn’t enough to irritate and it did calm somewhat overnight, much to my relief.

But the fun was had ashore!  Bruce ferried us all to the dock and we set off exploring!

There is a headstone on the fresh grave that we saw during our last visit… still piled with flowers only now it is noted that James Durante resides here…  The lonely wind will forever whisper across his final resting place.  I like thinking about that…  

Continuing on, the boys wandered off and disappeared up the shale hill while the girls explored the salty deposits at the pond’s edge.  I am fascinated by the formation of the salt crystals on the rocks, sticks and coral pieces here.


There is a rim lined with foamy bubbles that the wind has blown here and now and then an unexpectedly strong gust would send tufts of bubbles flying in eddying patterns up the stark hillside.  It was a delight!  Who doesn’t love bubbles???

The inlet where they flood the salt pond
The sky darkened ominously, we got a few brief sprinkles but the bulk of it was spent out to sea…  I left the girls at the dam between the ponds and found Bruce alone on the rocky beach.  Michael was off building rock cairns to mark his passing this way while I wandered off to the other end of the beach.
Bruce enjoying a moment of solitude

Between the rocky hillside jutting sharply at an upward angle and the rock strewn shore, I found a welk shell on a rock.  I settled and waited to catch the perfect wave picture, happily in my element alone with the wild waves and wind.  

Eventually Bruce came to fetch me as the others had already returned to the beach on the other side of the island.  

We backtracked and I found the sun now shining through the leaves of a gnarled old scrubby tree that had a fascinating shape and bark of many colors.  It began to rain lightly again but only for a bit… then I joined Bruce, as always patiently waiting and we found our friends.

Group Shadow Pic - With SMILES...
Group Shadow Pic - Serious Faces (yes, I told them no smiles in this pic and they made serious faces...)
This shot is the view we have on our boat card taken many years ago from the same spot... 

Just the Girls 

While we explored the beach a second catamaran arrived and parked just on our port side.  Their Buddy boat had anchored previously on our Starboard…  In my opinion they were both way too close…  How ironic that the second boat had fenders lined up along the length of their boat… private joke there…

We finished our beach time.  I collected a handful of sea glass, which I gave to Carol.  I have no need of it.  We returned to our boats and showered for a nice happy hour aboard Dos Libras.  It was a very good day in my eyes.. and I was happy to hear that our friends agreed.  

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