Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wind Gods Veto

The forecast was 5 to 9 knots on the Bay today. Bruce wanted to take the kids out and teach them to fly the spinnaker and get in some practice for next weekend's race. We packed Leila's life jacket and hopped aboard. Leila had some kind of little Grand Mal or something so we took the jacket off of her. She was not enjoying the adventurous life today.

I was stuck with the helm for some reason. Bruce got out onto the rail with Melissa and Jacque. The boat was heeled over in the brisk winds with our smallest sail up. We were getting 15 to 20 knots. I hate weathermen.

Brittney had to sit with Leila the whole time we were out sailing. Here she is trying to get to the other side of the boat in a tack with Leila clutching onto her for dear life.

I asked Steve to take the helm so I could sit the rail with the fun crowd. Leila was finally settling down and becoming more relaxed. She seemed to be trying to decide between wishing she was home in her kennel and being thankful that we brought her along.

We were pretty much voting to leave her at home in the kennel next time. We did have a good time however, the day was warm and the wind was cool enough to make it comfortable.

We sailed an imaginary race course including a jibe. I was made to work the sheets for a while so that Bruce could teach his budding new crew members the many jobs they will be doing next weekend. Steve seemed happy at the wheel.

We headed for the slip after jibing the boat around. I think Brittney was really getting tired of lugging that hot little dog around the deck.

We relaxed on the way back in and ate the yummy Snicker doodles that Jacque brought along. She's the greatest! As we neared the gap, she sat the rail grinning. She got her wish today... to be rail fluff!

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