Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Can Never Trust a Weatherman

Bruce had been watching the weather all week and it looked like it would be howling winds and perhaps rain. Man were we happy when it turned out, well... if not perfect, then at least pretty good. We had some cloud cover but the winds calmed down enough for us to think about flying the spinnaker. We loaded on the big head sail, planted Brett on the foredeck to help it around the shrouds, and off we went in the "all sails" fleet.

We didn't do so well, as you can see by the photo op of our fleet. It was nice to get this shot of the competition though.

We had a great time out there in the gathering fog. It's always different out on the Bay. You just never know what you'll get.

Bruce gave over the helm when we neared Marker #5. It was all downwind from there and Bruce went up to work foredeck with Brett. He's teaching him how to do it and Bret is an avid pupil. As usual, I get to take the helm while J.D., Jacquie and Steve work the cockpit.

Steve is teaching Jacquie to work the spinnaker sheet and JD is a pro at the cabin top winches. We got the spinnaker up with no mishaps and even did a simple jibe to get to the mark. We were still the last boat to make it across the finish line, but it was a fun filled and beautiful evening on the bay.

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