Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick Weekend Trip to See the Girls

We decided late in the week that it had been too long since we went to see the girls in San Antonio. The only thing on our weekend agenda was to do the taxes... done! and to drive out to the boonies for a BYC dinner. Not so important, so off we went on Saturday morning. We had no plans but left it up to the girls. Brittney had the day off and we did some antique shopping at a couple of stores the girls found. We walked into one place and found this wonderful couch, just waiting for us to arrive and drag it back to Melissa's place.

It is 11 ft long and was custom made for some guy with a really big house. It's immaculate! A white couch! It's so well made, it's much better than anything we could ever afford to have done ourselves. It probably sat in some unused room, unloved and unappreciated. It spoke to all of us in one way or another and we all decided she had to get it. If she didn't, Bruce and I would have! It's so big, you can't even get it all into one picture! But I think it's perfect for Melissa's place and it has so much character. As you can see.... her place is coming right along. I guess from now on, it's an air mattress for us when we visit.

We did a bit more shopping on Sunday when we went back to pay for the couch after measuring the living room to make sure it would fit. Melissa found this painting and just had to have it too. She is planning to use it in choosing the colors for her bedroom. As you can see, the walls are now blue. There is a bit of blue in the painting, but Melissa loves the other colors and can't wait for summer so that she can get going on her painting projects.

Between shopping excursions, we all went out to dinner on Saturday night, and then topped it off by visiting this new place, Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club. You can check it out on the website. http://www.lolsanantonio.com/ We saw a trio of very funny people beginning with their opener, a gay Hispanic gentleman in a velvet dinner jacket with a feather boa of a different color for every set. He was hysterical.
The headliner was a beautiful woman named Maryellen Hooper. Her fantastic facial expressions and body language made for an absolutely gut splitting commedy show. I laughed so hard I couldn't even hear the sound by the time her set was done. She also has a great blog that you can find by clicking the link called "Stinky Flowers" in my blog list at your right. Or you can follow this link... http://www.maryellenhooper.com/ and see where it leads. We will definately go back to LOL San Antonio again.
It was a fun weekend and a nice drive up and back with the wildflowers just beginning to peek from their winter blankets. Spring is in the air!

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