Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is COMING!!!

It looked like it would be a grand day for a sail... and it WAS! We've lured friends out to sail with us again.

The winds were forecast to build throughout the day so we took off at about 11 a.m. Mark and Laura were available for once. He's been busy many Saturdays recently with work and school. Laura has just finished a brutal rotation and now has a bit of time. Her parents gave them sailing lessons for Christmas and they plan to take them this summer. I'm really hoping that Laura gets into it.

We set the sails and put Mark on the helm and cruised right along. This was fun to watch... a sailboat was overtaking and passing a tanker. You know how it goes... if there is more than one boat on the water, it's a race!

Krystle is absorbing the sailing tricks fast with Bruce's help. Every chance she gets, she's got him showing her how to do something else.

We are all shaking off the cloak of winter and gearing up to get out there and enjoy the bay and the sunshine.

I'm feeling so much better now that I can get some time on boat without being covered up to the nose. C'mon SPRING!

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