Sunday, November 1, 2009

Watching the Youth of America in Action

Bruce and I were invited to join John on Wet Express to help him in hosting a group of parent spectators for the 2010 Cressy Trophy event. It was the ISSA High School Singlehanded Championship... we got the t-shirt!

The day was beautiful as we set out to pick up the parents at the CCYC dock.

There were 9 regions and each sent two kids for each of two fleets... total 36 little lasers.

The company that makes these little one design racers provided the brand new boats. They were all rigged and ready when we arrived.

We picked up our 5 passengers and motored out the gap towards the race course. The CCYC provided us with a cooler full of lunches and drinks for our trouble.

We found ourselves a spot to anchor beside the course and settled in for the event. The judges were speeding around the course watching for any transgression on the part of the racers. I learned that these light little boats can be manipulated into going faster by rocking or skulling with the rudder and this is a big no-no. So there are judges motoring along with the sailors to keep an eye on any would-be cheaters.

There were two starts to each of the 7 races we saw. There is a series of horn blows that tells the boats how far they are from the start. Here they are all lined up and ready to go.

I got some great shots of the competition and had a lot of fun watching these serious young people compete.

They all seemed very focused and it would be nice to see this in our local schools. The parents of these kids were surprised to find that we didn't have high school sailing teams with our obvious resources. Sailing brings a lot into a kid's life and teaches them many valuable life lessons. Wake up Corpus Christi! This national event didn't even make the newspaper!

Enough of ranting... last shot here is of the official coaches boat, committee boat and support boat. Great job out there volunteers!

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