Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Bruce and I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with Melissa and Brittney at their place in San Antonio this year. We packed up all the food and drove up on Wednesday night. I made some Wassail first thing. Melissa's cat must not see too much stove usage here as she seemed fascinated!

We had no agenda on Thursday morning. I threw ingredients for bread into the bread machine and got the ham going in the crock pot. Then we messed around taking pictures for a while. These are my favorites...

Bruce and I...

Melissa bought some wonderful pies from the Junior League's restraunt. Brittney did all the cooking. Layla begged non-stop. I think she thinks that if she "sits", she'll get a reward.

About the time we were all getting really hungry... it was all ready to eat. One last picture and we dove in. It's always a shame that I can't eat more than I do. It was all so good.
Friday morning, the girls and I talked Bruce into staying home while we went out shopping. Melissa showed him how to work the cable TV and we were off!
We loaded up the BMW with some stuff Melissa wanted to donate to the Salvation Army. There is still a truckload left in the garage but every little bit counts!
We took all of Bruce's cash and left him alone and happy watching football.
He didn't realize when he volunteered for this job, that he would be dogsitting! Oh well... it's better than following the three of us through 9 hours of serious shopping! It was fun spending the day with the girls doing "girl stuff". I really enjoyed the time with my little girls and my wonderful husband. This year's Thanksgiving holiday was peaceful and happy... for which I am truely thankful!

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