Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Bruce recently moved our boat, Elan, back to the Corpus Christi Marina. This means that we can once again, be a part of the Wednesday night race scene.

Jacquie and Steve have joined us as faithful crew. They met us down at the docks on Wednesday to take her out! Bruce had the boat all ready when we got there.

Good thing, too! Due to the recent time change, the races start at 5:30 and it gets dark fast! Being out of the Wednesday night loop for many weeks, it was nice to see some new faces. This boat is from Bequia, which is one of the islands in the Grenadines, that we had the pleasure of visiting back in 2003.

We sailed around inside the breakwater testing sail trim and greeting the other boaters.

This week was the first of the month race when no boats are allowed to fly their spinaker. There is a social afterwards in an attempt to foster new sailors. Bruce and I will have to get serious about bringing out new people.

It was a beautiful light wind evening with no stress!

There were only two starts but with different courses. This means we get to see where the other boats are only for a short period.

It wasn't long before we lost sight of all but the running lights on our competition. I can see that we need to get back into the swing of things. We were second to last across the finish line. That's OK though... we had a longer time out on the moonlit bay. The orange moon began to rise near our finish and it lit up the bay and the marina as we made our way to the CC Yacht club to chat with other racers and have a burger. Bruce and I stayed on board Elan for the night. Then it was up and back home to dress for work in the morning.

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