Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year is off and running!

New Year's weekend was a time for Bruce and I to wind down from all of the frenzy of the holidays. It had been a long stretch of partys, work events, shopping, planning... I took off the Friday after New Year's Day to make a 4 day weekend to spend with my patient and wonderful husband. We had nothing on our agenda but spending time together on the boat.

The weather did not cooperate however... We woke up on New Year's Day and had our coffee at home. We did some shopping and made our way out to the boat. The only thing we did of much note was to drive out to the Beach Bar to have a delicious burger. They were very busy so this took over 2 hours. We found out that they had been closed for 3 weeks and had only reopened that day. The view was great as always and we had time on our hands so we weren't too upset to sit there so long.

We spent the night on the boat and awoke in the morning on Friday to a solid fog that hung on until well after noon. We lazed around the marina...took a walk around in the quiet that a fog imposes. I did some reading below in the V-berth while Bruce puttered around and cleaned the deck topside. I had some big unwinding to do and took it very seriously. Bruce gave me a free pass.

The sun came out on Friday afternoon and we took the opportunity to get some sailing in. I took a shower aboard and blowdried my hair "cruiser style". We sailed up and down the ship channel while Bruce tried out his new (to him) technora blade jib. (you saw this sail on the Christmas Day blog entry) He did some sail trim adjustments and tacked back and forth making sure it was going to work for our boat. The verdict is in... it's a keeper!

We were buzzed by a mysterious big red boat. They passed us slowing down and yelling "Happy New Year" We responded in kind, figuring they were just some drunk kids out joy riding in daddy's boat... they turned and came back for another pass and yelled my name! Upon closer inspection we found it to be Dave Behave! He's everywhere fun is to be had. Bruce credits Dave for our current happy life. Had it not been for Dave befriending Bruce when he first came to Corpus Christi, we would never have met. We are forever in his debt.

Friday night was another spent in time suspended. We had rain but were warm and dry in our v-berth cocoon. The wind was howling however and the day didn't hold much promise for sailing fun. We cancelled our plans with Mark and Laura for a day sail and decided to call it and go home to catch up on things there. We did take a walk around the marina and visit with friends Steve and Ann who had sailed over from CC. They've done some cruising and are always fun to talk to. While sitting on their catamaran, I was treated to a pelican's toilette! This is one of the best things about boating. You're closer to nature and privy to some wonderful nature moments. Check out this beauty!

The rest of our weekend was spent doing chores at home and taking advantage of some year end sales. I felt rested and restored after this 4 day intelude of laziness. This is good, because once I went back to work on Monday, it was off and running!

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