Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interesting "tern" of events...

This Wednesday night saw us in our usual positions aboard Cute Shoes for the weekly race. The weather was mild... I've been successfully holding off the high winds and brutal (for us) cold weather by doing a little light voodoo. I had no camera along on this trip, which always promises that there will be something eventful to snap a photo of, that I miss!!! This time was no different.

We had a postponed start so that more boats could make it out in time. I guess the cool weather has everyone's blood flowing a little slowly. We were the only boat in the first start. Pazuzu, our usual competitor chose to go in the "all sails" division. This meant that although we didn't have an exciting finish... we did come in first in our class. Oh well... we'll take it. Steve thought we did well over all against the other boats.

Ok, so why the bird picture? Well, after we made the turn around the last mark, we were settling the sails when a bird, floundering around in the dark, somehow found our boat as a landing place. The bird, a tern such as the one in this picture, stopped over on the seat and found a perch atop of the outboard motor for a while. The bird seemed disoriented when he landed but soon seemed to get his bearings and was happy to just sit there enjoying the ride. He flew away when it became necessary for Jacquie to move towards him to trim the main sail by moving the traveller. Our little visitor flew off into the dark night leaving us to wonder about him in an interesting "tern" of events

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