Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Wednesday Night Race of 2009!

We went out with Cute Shoes for our first race of the year. Plenty of boats turned out as the weather was mild for January. We were in the first start with one other boat... a J24 called Pazuzu. We started 5 minutes before the next group which included a J44, a J30, a Catalina 400 and 40 ft Curandero. The start wasn't the most exciting ever with only one other boat starting with us, but the competition is still serious for Cute Shoes and we made a good start.

We went out the gap and headed for mark #10. The boat made good time with Steve tweaking trim. The evening was mild and it seems as if we are seeing sunset a bit later, so the dark part of the race came later. This allows us to enjoy the contrasting colors of the green bay and the marvelous sunsets. We were passed by the J44 on our way to the first mark but no other boats caught us. We rounded the second mark at #19 without being passed. Steve was lit up! The downwind leg of the race to the gap was up for grabs as Curandero slowly overtook us to squeak through the gap just ahead of us causing a flurry of excitement at the inside cans. We trimmed for speed and sat on the rail to the finish with two more tacks before the line. We wait weeks to find out our finish rank but we think we did very well this week.

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