Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Rest of Christmas Day...

We got back to the house right before the kids did. We started making our menu list and setting out the ingredients. When the kids got home, I assigned Brittney to the casseroles since she had done such a great job on them at Thanksgiving this year. Look out! She's got Velveeta and she isn't afraid to use it!

Melissa was in charge of the secret family receipe cornbread stuffing. She almost caught the kitchen on fire frying the bacon too hot! See, these kids still need their mother after all...

I made an appetizer that I found in Latts & Atts Magazine. It's made with puff pastry around brie cheese with chutney, nuts and craisins all baked together into a warm gooey mess. The kids were skeptical but they ate it up!

We cooked all afternoon and finally after everything else was done, we waited for the dressing to finish cooking. It seemed like FOREVER! It all looked so good and we were so tired and hungry!

But we were rewarded at last with a feast the size Bruce said his family of 11 kids didn't have. We fell upon the dinner and in 20 minutes we wished we had never seen it all. We were stuffed! My dad always said it was silly to spend all day cooking a meal that it took so little time to finish off. But we disagree! It was a very relaxed and happy Christmas day spent with just my husband and kids.

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