Monday, December 1, 2008

Pelicans Can't Count

Sunday morning dawned cold and beautiful… I know it was cold because I was snuggled under 2 blankets in the V-berth… I know it was beautiful because Bruce went outside for a walk and brought me back some pictures of it. Hey! I wasn’t about to crawl out of my cocoon!!! It’s winter!
Bruce brought me a rosy sunrise...
a Great Blue Heron cooling his heels...
and a pair of American White Pelicans.

We took our time getting going since we had the whole day to get the boat back to Port Aransas. Plus, the longer it took us to get ready to go, the less cold it would be on the way. That’s what I was hoping anyway.

Soon we were on our way. Bruce, a Happy-Guy-on-His-Boat… we left the Rockport Marina and headed for the Intracoastal Waterway.
I was all bundled up in my new blinky or the ride would have been unpleasant for me.

The wildlife didn’t seem to notice the cold. I entertained myself happily all the way snapping pictures of the critters along the way.
There was the ever present Brown Pelican floating alongside our boat...
We saw flocks of American White Pelicans all down the Lydia Ann Channel.
We were treated to the rare photo op of Roseate Spoonbills tucked back into the bank.
And our Welcome-Home-to-Port A-Committee… Who says Pelicans can’t count?

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