Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Racing Blade for Elan

Bruce and I took our grand dog, Layla with us out to Port Aransas. He had purchased a racing blade from Masthead and had run out of time to put it up to see if it fits the boat. He only had 10 days to return it if it didn't work out. So after the kids left, we loaded Layla into the car and set out.
Layla is Brittney's little year and a half old Pom. She had never been to the boat before but other than a little natural caution, she did very well. She was a little worried when Bruce made all of the noises involved in raising and lowering sails.

Bruce piled the jib onto the deck and set about connecting the blade. Layla got brave and curious.

Once the sail was up, Bruce set about adjusting and examining it for trim and fit. He was ecstatic! It fit and it was very inexpensive... and it was beautiful!

We took it down, put the other jib back up and prepared to go back home to make Christmas dinner. By this time, Layla had become quite secure...

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