Sunday, April 25, 2021

Other People's Vacation Pics ~ Trail Ride Isabela


The neighbor chickens waiting for breakfast!
Some people must complain about the noise from the roosters next door, because our B&B came with white noise machines in both bedrooms.  We turned those off immediately... because we've got all the sweet sounds we need coming in through the open windows.  

These chickens next door have become accustomed to the scraps we bring them each day.  Our B&B even comes with a food scrap bucket for just that purpose.  AND because we shared with them, they made us a gift of a dozen eggs!

This Sunday morning, we've got big plans.  But we don't have to be on the road too early.  There's just enough time for a leisurely cup of coffee and breakfast.  I took my coffee to the beach patio!  Grab a cup for yourself, and come sit with me.  We can watch the waves roll in with the rising sun together!

But all good things must come to an end... so that you can have MORE good things!  Today's big plan is to go horseback riding with Tropical Trail Rides in nearby Isabela.  It's very near Shack's beach, another of the places I am eager to check out.  Double points!

Tropical Trail Rides on the Right.  This was our riding area today!

We arrived early and met our group.  Nice folks from... TEXAS!  Must be Texan week in Puerto Rico! Very soon, we were finished with the paperwork and weighted before being issued a horse.  Mine's name was Taina and she was very pretty.  Bruce had Ginger, Cheri had Calypso, and Alan was on Whiskey... very appropriate, although maybe it should have been "RUM"!

We all set out on the road through Villa Montana Beach resort.  It looks very nice, and definitely upscale! It worried me a little, because the horses weren't shod, and it was a paved road... But overall, these horses were sleek and looked very much cared for.  Gold stars for Tropical Trail rides!

If I had to come up with a complaint... it would be that, for safety reasons, we were not allowed to take photos along the trail.  We had to keep our hands free to work the reins and hang on.  And indeed we did need to hang on, because throughout the ride, we did a LOT of trotting!  Mostly it was a very even ride, but sometimes bouncy.  And we were on tree lined trail, rocky and root strewn trail, and with some uneven spots thrown in there, just to keep us on our toes.  Ok, toes in the stirrups, heels down! See, I was listening!  Overall, the trail was very well maintained, but there were a few opportunities for steering the horse to keep from being slapped in the face by a low-hanging limb.  

The ride along Shacks beach came first.  This dashed our plans for returning there later for snorkeling. The waves were wild!  No snorkeling today!

Then we ducked back into the brushy areas and enjoyed the sun-dappled shade!  It was getting warm, but in the forest area, it was very nice.  Oh, and we were allowed to lower our masks while riding, so that we could take advantage of the sweet smells of this wild, natural area. So awesome!

Soon we popped back out onto a beach.  Survival Beach!  This was another of my beach goals... but it is difficult to get to.  Unless you're on horseback, that is!  We rode along the water and I saw once again, that we would not be coming here to snorkel!  This beach was even more wild than the first one!  

We dismounted and let the horses have a break in the shade, while I explored the tide pools, and another bank of rocky shelf.

Not much sea glass here... so when the call to mount up came, I was ready!

Break time is over!

My Taina was a little camera shy.

I got a couple pics of Bruce before we moved out.

Super fun day!

We took the scenic route back to the barn, and got to trot a whole lot more.  Yes, the horses were happy to be headed home!  It was a two hour ride, and our bodies were already feeling the muscles we seldom use... This is gonna hurt! But it was totally worth it!  I've been on several trail rides in my life, and this is second only to the one in Jamaica where we actually rode the horses IN the water.  And I don't need to do that again!  

So, skipping the Shack's beach snorkeling experience, we moved on to looking for a picnic spot.  I took the beach road, and we ended up at the Blow hole in Isabela.  It was blowing mostly air, with a little bit of salt spray today.  I'm not sure it ever blows water, judging from the fact that there is no seaweed in the area around the hole.  But it's still fun to hear the air rush out, and to witness the magnificent power of the Atlantic ocean from the relative safety of the rocky coast. 

Well, it was getting pretty warm, and finding no shady place to picnic, we just pointed our bow to the B&B.  Of course, on our drive home, the daily afternoon showers began to pour once again!  So we had our late lunch and then everyone voted on nap time!  Guess we were all getting a little overstimulated, regardless of how much we did NOT do, because of the rain.  

After naps, we got cleaned up and went out for dinner with another Texas girl.  We met her at The Beach House.  Just in time for happy hour, we enjoyed good food and conversation, even if the sunset was a little damp!  The view was still good!  What a way to end another full day of fun!

The lighthouse was lit, guiding ships along the rocky coast of the Mona Channel. 

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