Saturday, April 24, 2021

Other People's Vacation Pics ~ Settling In and Setting Out!

Our coffee drinking view!
Of course I have a dozen things I want to show our friends today, but weather sometimes dictates our agenda, even while living ashore!  Our host advised us that today would be the best day for a spearfishing event, so we spent the morning enjoying our beach in various ways.  Anyway... it makes no sense having this fabulous B&Beach, and not spending time enjoying it... right?

I watched while everyone prepared their gear, suited up and headed out into the waves. 

Bryan gives an orientation before he takes anyone out for water sports.  He wants to make sure everyone is safe, AND he is very zen and one with the environment. Emphasis on relaxation ensures that they catch the fish off guard!

Alan and Bryan certainly look the part!

Having a little fun with an intentional "Power Pose" to ensure success!

Bryan has all the gear!

Bruce went off on his own, for a little exercise!  I love that he takes his health seriously, and is always looking for a way to get in a swim!

But I'm always relieved when he returns unscathed!

When Bruce was done swimming, he joined me for a short beachwalk.  We explored our beach and the many tide pools.  We found a multitude of tiny Sargent Majors trapped in the sandstone pools. What a beautiful beach!

We have access to this platform on the neighboring property!

Someone has made art from driftwood!

Of course, I had to play in it...

While Bruce rested in the shade!

Sad stranded starfish... 

Black sand patch makes a great background for my heart!

No beach walk is complete without resulting in a hand full of sea glass! One frustration was that SO many pieces of glass were wedged solidly in the sandstone.  I wanted them bad!  

Seaglass embedded in the sandstone!

The sunshine really pops those colors!

When everyone was done enjoying our beach, we met back up at the B&B and had some lunch.  Alan grilled the fish, and we threw together a snack lunch before loading up the SUV for a look at some of my favorite places in Aguada and Aguadilla.  

We began our tour at Las Ruinas del Faro Borinquen in Aguadilla!

Iguana king sunning himself on the top!

My beautiful friend, Cheri
I love these old ruins!  The architecture is exposed by the ravages of time, and it always amazes me that they are still standing. There has been a bit more damage here since our last visit, probably due to recent earthquakes. 

There is a newer lighthouse minutes away, that replaced this one in service.  But it wasn't open, so we didn't get a good look at it. This one was far more interesting anyway!

Remember that weather I spoke of earlier?  Well, when we drove to some of my other special spots after leaving here, it was raining hard!  Forever optimistic, I drove to one after another, and we just sat in the car watching it rain!  Giving up, we drove all the way home in the pouring rain! It only stopped raining as we arrived back at our B&B!

I have to say that while I felt so bad about not showing these treasures to our friends... they were super chill about the whole thing!  No complaints here!  They just rolled with whatever, and it made me feel much better.  We will just have to add these things to the agenda for their next visit!

We spent another relaxed evening, with Cheri and Alan cooking us up a delicious dinner in our B&B!  I can't believe how lucky we are that she loves to cook... and is SO good at it!

Tonight, we turned off the AC and opened the windows to let the sound of crashing waves lull us to sleep!  No trouble sleeping here, even with the birdsong and crazy roosters next door!

Sundowner view!

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