Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Week In The Abacos - Tahiti Beach

She's finally HERE!  I waited in the marina office  staring out the window until her taxi came.

And as any good daughter would do... she brought her mother a present.  CHOCOLATE BARS!!!

I know the look on my face is positively maniacal but do you KNOW how long it's been since I had chocolate???

I quickly stashed them away in the freezer so that they wouldn't melt and we got our kid all settled in.

She was pretty tired from traveling form San Diego, CA on the red-eye flight to arrive here in Marsh Harbour before noon.

We found ice cream!
We took it easy around the marina.  We took a short walk to the grocery store and bought some conch salad from a local street vendor for our dinner.

Chasing away jet-lag
Fresh conch salad while we wait!
Yes I sent the young 'un up the tree to pick the breadfrui
Before Brittney arrived, we had been eyeing a fat breadfruit that had been slowly ripening on the tree by the pool.  Ray (dock master) told us we could pick it and even told us which one was the most ripe.

Totally wingin' it here, cut it in half and slice into chips
Back on Long Island you might remember we stopped at a small bar and had conch salad with fresh made breadfruit chips.  I was dying to try making them and to share that experience with my daughter.

Young people these days are difficult to impress, which I take as a personal challenge.  I WILL show this girl some things to remember while she's here!!!

After picking it from the tree it began to weep a white watery substance that would cling to your fingers (and anything else it touched) like sap.

Ray told us that we should use it the same day we picked it so after letting it weep for a while, we cut it into halves, then cut off the thick knobby outer shell.

Then I cut it into chip-sized thin wedges and we fried it up in fresh canola oil.

If you ever get the chance to pick a fresh breadfruit, it's a cool thing to do.  The chips taste sort of like potato but not quite.  They are a perfect compliment to conch salad for a nice light dinner.

The morning tides were with us providing for ample depth for our mid-morning departure from Mangos Marina.  I had previously planned out our week assuming good weather.

But the weather gods had other plans for us and sprinkled some rainy days in for us... so I had to change up my itinerary a bit.  We moved Hope Town to second and headed for Tahiti Beach!


We had no wind for sailing so we motored right on over and plunked down our anchor.  Tahiti beach is one of the more popular stops but we found it uncrowded on this weekday.

It is supposed to be really good for shelling and beach combing, but we found this vast expanse of exposed sand at low tide to be fairly devoid of shells.  It must be a seasonal thing...

A "camo" colored starfish!
although we did find a few interesting things.

I ducked into the mangroves and found...
We abandoned the tide flats and set off around the point to take a look at the Atlantic side.  We were looking for possible snorkel spots.  The terrain was sand and rugged sandstone and there was one spot we would have had to turn back had we not found our way through the mangroves.

As I climbed in through the mangrove branches, I found a treehouse-on-the-ground!  Someone had used found jetsam to create this little hideaway.

How cool is this???  There's even a swing!

We explored the beach beyond but found no snorkel spot today.  Tahiti beach is a pretty place!

We retired to the boat where Brittney and Bruce swam off the stern for a bit.  With the cloud cover I was actually a little too cool for swimming...

We enjoyed a gorgeous evening and the company of our baby.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have her here!  Our lives are so filled with new places and things and experiences, I just want to share it all with my girls.

The weather is forecast to be cloudy with rain but we're going to make the most of it... Tomorrow Hope Town!

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