Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whoops!! Time To Renew A Passport!

Florida seems to be a more "Boat Savvy" place, what with all the recent rumors of multiple boardings and inspections.  So this morning I suggested that we make sure that all of our documentation requirements are met and are easily accessible.  I want to avoid fumbling-around-for-stuff so that if when we get boarded, we look like we know what we're doing.

When we began the real push towards cruising some 3+ years ago, the expiration dates on our passports seemed far distant.  Imagine my horror when I flipped open Bruce's passport and found that it expires in May, 2014.  That's THIS MAY!!!!  Wow!  Isn't that about when we would like to be enjoying the Bahamas???  Why yes, it IS!

Crap!  So I sprung into action, the internet being my first go-to source of information and much to my surprise, we can renew online and by mail.  Quick and easy!  No finding of offices or waiting in lines.    Just click on the link, follow the clear and precise instructions, complete online form DS 82 and print.  Sign and date the form, send it in with a current passport photo and your expiring passport... and voila!  Done!

So, before you head out!  Make sure that your passport is good.  Many countries require a minimum number of months remaining on your passport to enter.

UPDATE:  When we did this, the online pre fill form expired 12/31/13.  We had to use the "Complete by hand" form which expires 12/31/2016.  I sent in a notification to them so maybe they'll get it fixed soon.  Be sure you use the current form!


  1. Good morning Tammy,

    Isn't it amazing how sometimes you just manage to do things in the nick of time? Hope your weather is getting better. We are eleven degrees here in Michigan today and it is snowing like crazy.

    Great day to do a boat project right? I am washing the dinghy cover at the moment. Helping the washer by redistributing the mass of fabric. It's a stamoid type fabric. It was pretty moldy on the underside and the topside was dirty from pulling the boat on the trailer through our last snow storm. We had some work done on the motor and they couldn't get to it until after the New Year. We are working in our garage; with the help of a portable heater is now about 33 degrees. We're hoping for 40. I'm going to tailor the cover better and add some vents. It at least gives me hope that boating season is down the road. : )

    1. Hey Marie! Yes it does seem that we are "charmed" sometimes the way things happen for us. It's not so cold as it was, although we've had some nights in the mid to upper 30's. The days have been getting up to the high 50s and low 60s, with sunshine, so it's been much better. And being plugged in to the dock has helped!!! I think back to some of those cold nights and recoil with the thought of spending any more of those. I couldn't live where you do! It's good for getting those indoor projects done though... We should have some better stuff for you soon as we plan on leaving again on Saturday. Glad to hear from you as always!