Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random Thoughts - On Leaving Texas

I think Bruce is quietly jubilant to be free of Texas.  I don’t think he ever pledged allegiance to her as I, a lifelong Texan had naturally from birth.  Texas was comfortable for me.  It was understood.  It was a “given”.  Maybe he is happy to have me away and free of it.  Coming from Kansas, he always questioned all things Texas, and many times found them lacking.  

My first inkling that there could be a shift, was when I strolled the aisles of the Market Basket in Lake Charles, LA.  I was shocked at the low prices they asked for the beautiful produce and meat.  Even packaged goods were considerably less in cost than we had been used to paying in Texas.  Maybe the “fatness” of Texas comes at a cost.  Maybe we don’t need pristine surroundings of shiny new stores if it means they charge so much more for the wares they sell…  Maybe Texas is just greedy and takes what they can get from us who know no other.

My second shift, came from a Facebook post.  I had decided I was not yet equipped with enough knowledge to buy Boudin.  I needed more information.  What was in it, how was it made, are they hiding something? (thinking like pig toenails or something…) The several responses I got on Facebook about this brought out a pride in Louisiana Heritage, fierce and basic.  Ahh, there are other States who have their pride, just like Texas.  I have to put my mind where my mouth is and relax my unrealized stereotypes and open up to absorb the new ways… even if it means eating something mysterious.

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