Monday, November 25, 2013

Laundry Is For Sure

Plans change.  That's just the way it is with Cruising.  Living on the boat for the year prior to our departure was not the same... and we're still figuring it all out.

Forecast from Wind Guru
Our plans to spend a week in New Orleans have been cancelled due to the forecast of high winds and frigid temperatures making travel from Houma to NOLA a foolish endeavor.

On the brighter side, this dock is nice and much less expensive than the one in the Industrial Canal where we had planned to stay.

So what does that have to do with laundry?  Well, we haven't done any since November 8th... and it's beginning to pile up!

Lugging laundry on foot!
There have been no good opportunities to wash clothes since we left Clear Lake seventeen days ago!  Well, that isn't entirely true... we could have done it while we were in Delcambre, but we were having too much fun running around.  And we figured we would have plenty of time to do it in the facilities at Seabrook Harbor, but now... that is not to be.  So we had to find a laundromat here in Houma, where we will be waiting out the weather for the week.

So here is where it got REAL...

Bruce and I... with two giant bags full... of smelly, dirty, laundry!

I guess we could have waited, we aren't totally out of clothes yet, but the weather wasn't going to get any better and it would be another week until we could get to it... I guess we COULDN't wait after all!

We made it back to the boat in good time...  pic credit
Another look at the weather and we knew we had to make a run for it.  Drop everything and head for the (luckily) nearby laundromat.  I can't believe our good fortune that there was a very nice little place about .7 of a mile just up the street.  We were running from forecast of rain, with possible sleet later this afternoon.

So today... we experienced another true "Cruising First" for us... We got to do our laundry in a foreign town, on foot, braving cold and the threat of freezing rain... up hill both ways (not true but it makes it sound more dramatic).

So while you're sitting in that nice cozy office with the luxury of your very own washer and dryer in the warmth of your own home... think of us out here...  OK, I'll stop.  But just know, that it isn't ALL fun and games, and like death and taxes... laundry is for sure...


  1. Love it!!

    As all cruisers should do immerse themselves in the local culture....

  2. I agree. We have really enjoyed Louisiana, a true culture in itself! We've been doing laundry in laundromats while living onboard for over a year. This was our first laundromat "in the wild", that we had to find and lug our clothes to the hard way! I'm just glad it wasn't HOT!!!
    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  3. All laundromats should have wi-fi!

    1. That would be nice! The one we used in Port Aransas before we left had wi-fi but it was slow and one of those ones with a gateway... very mysterious to me so I used to just take my Kindle and read.