Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Night AGAIN!!!

OK, so it's April 1st... the wind is STILL blowing! What happened to "out like a lamb"? I was really counting on it! As Bruce and I are driving along the bay front towards the marina he's telling me that it's blowing like stink and we will probably end up with a margarita at the Surf Club. I'm thinking... this is great! Watch the start and have a nice dinner...

We get there and Steve is saying it's been really blowing. He gets his little wind gauge thingy out and we take to the bleachers to get a better reading.

It's come down a bit but it's still really blowing. Steve takes a beating at the help on Cute Shoes when the winds are much over 20 kts. So he's thinking maybe not... But then, he starts saying things like "I really need a sailing fix" and "whaddaya think?"....

Whaddaya think I think??? I've been promised a grilled chicken salad and a margarita!

But poor Steve really needs this and long story short... Jacquie shows up with Sandy and no intention of going out, these two guys are hanging around looking for a ride, so I quickly offer up my place on Cute Shoes to them and they accept.

They're happy... I'm happy... Bruce and Steve are happy! Win Win! It's almost race time at this point so the guys get going. Jacquie, Sandy and I chat while watching the race start.

I took some pictures for the MORF website. Steve has taken over as web master and needs all the photos I can come up with to keep it fresh.
We had one more wave at our guys as they set out on the course, then Jacquie and I went our separate ways. I went home and got into my jammies for an early night. Bruce and Steve stayed for the monthly social and snuck home to bed.

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