Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunday Sunday...

Bruce was going stir crazy after being inside all week with sciatica pain. He actually went to the grocery store with me on Saturday and stayed in the car just to get out of the house for a while. I wanted to get outside and get some sun so he agreed to come along with me and sit on the seawall while I sunbathed.
I finally received my 2 missing issues of Lats & Atts and was pouring over one of them. I love to save them for weekends out at the boat or the beach. They always get me going about cruising though so I have to limit my exposure.
We brought a couple of beverages so we sat on the seawall and enjoyed the sunshine and watching the people come and go. What!... were these guys thinking???

A guy showed up with a big red dog and a tennis ball. We watched them play for quite a while. That dog was the best dog I've ever seen. He didn't run off with other dogs when they came by... nooo ... he was all about his guy and that ball. The dog would run joyfully after the ball each time the guy threw it.
Finally the dog got tired and decided that fetching the ball back to the guy could wait for a bit. He went out and sat in the water to cool off. It was so much fun watching them play

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