Monday, April 8, 2019

No More Excuses!

Just outside our gate, and ready to go!
Well... I finally found a bike helmet on sale for $5 and have officially run out of excuses for not riding my bike!  I've got a comfortable seat and everything I need to go out and get some exercise!  Well crap!  OK, OK... I know it's good for me, but inertia is real!

Bruce is so good to me.  He smoothes the pathway to good health, but isn't pushy enough to MAKE me do anything!  He just casually mentions that he's going to go for a bike ride and asks if I want to join him... and today there are no more excuses to use!  So, his bike ride becomes a production... as does everything that involves me!  But, it was a lovely way to spend a morning exploring our neighbourhood!  Come on!  I'll show you!

One of these days, we're going to get our kayak out there and explore!
See?  I'm a good girl, wearing my stupid looking helmet!
Just outside our neighbourhood, there is a long causeway that spans the flood plain of the Rio Grande de Patillas.  It's lovely to drive over and look down at the greenery and livestock that graze there.

Taking a slow bike ride down the causeway is the perfect way to see what's down there! I can't say that it's the best form of exercise, but it's the thought that counts... and hey, I sweated PLENTY!  Just took a whole bunch of breaks!

From the causeway, we're in the treetops!
I can finally see these orange Tulip Tree Blossoms close up!
I stopped to look over the edge and talk to the cows grazing on the green grass down below...  Whoops!  I think I caused a stampede!  One of the cows looked up at us and turned and RAN for the gate!  I think they must have thought we would feed them... poor cows I hate being the cause of their disappointment!

As we watched the cows run, they suddenly turned into horses!  I guess when the person comes to feed them, they won't have to call them home!

We rode all the way to the other end of the causeway and returned on the other side of the road...

This side had trees full of iguanas!  FULL!  It was so cool to be able to look them in they eye as they tried to figure out why we were up in the trees!  They must have felt safe enough, because they didn't budge!

Iguana Sun Salutations!
They're just so Prehistoric-looking!

This is our regular-everyday view!
We returned home feeling refreshed and invigorated!  What a great place for a bike ride!  The scent of Ylang-Ylang flowering down the road greeted us.

And this beautiful Hibiscus bud right outside our front door welcomed us home!  As always happens, once the inertia is overcome, I wondered why I had ever made excuses in the first place.  This was a lovely way to start our day!

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