Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BeachWalk ~ Expedition To The Point

OK, maybe it wasn't SO early...
We finally made it to the far Western point of our Bay!  Early this morning, the beach called my name.  Every time we go out, I keep thinking that we will just walk for exercise.  Fast pace, no stopping, no foolin' around with shells or sea glass or flowers or any of that other stuff that seems to always catch my attention and make a short walk into a half day affair.  It happened again today.

This little guy was not afraid!  He let me get very close.  And no, he wasn't dead!

There's always a Sweet Pea...
And a Morning Glory...

By the time we reached our normal stopping point, the two leaning palms, we had a handful of sea glass and other various treasures.  The winds were down and the waves were very calm today, so we decided to continue on an expedition to see what there is beyond this spot.  The far western point of our bay was still an unknown to us.  Today that would end!

Bruce explored another little rivulet while I poked through the flotsam on the beach

I picked up a palm branch that had three "flowers" left on it.  This is going with me!
There are SO many leaning palms down this way!  I hope they don't all fall in!!!
The water at further west is always more calm and clear.  Today it was a kiddie pool!
They totally look like flowers!

So we made it to this uncharted territory and found it completely deserted. The palm tree growth line stops and the sandy point spreads on with a ring of dried seaweed marking its shores.  The water is protected from waves by some shallow reef and we wondered if a snorkelling expedition in in our future...

Around the point into the next bay there are lots of trash cans and some cabanas.  We aren't sure if it's a park or a private camp.  Must investigate on the Google when we get home!

We stripped off our coverups and dipped our bottoms into the wonderfully cool water.  Gentle waves about two inches high lapped our bodies and once again we are struck with the magnitude of our good fortune.  All of this could be is OURS!

We are ignored by a pelican
I think I might be collecting sand in my swimsuit... but it's the price you pay for paradise!
Eventually we started the walk back.  Birds entertained us as they bobbed around in the seaweed and on the shore.
This guy wasn't too friendly and eventually flew far ahead and out of our reach.

The sun is a bit higher now, but it's still cool with a light breeze!  Perfect!
I found a NEW flower!

Someone tell me what kind of flower this is!
We saw a couple of people collecting coconuts and one runner back at the park around the point, but not another soul... This beach is perfection and it brings us such peace each time we walk these shores.  

There is beauty-in-small-things aplenty and I am stockpiling it all here to review in my old age.  

Exploring to the far reaches of our beach was fun today.  Each time we do the walk, what once seemed far becomes less so.  Collecting sea glass, rocks and special shells makes the time pass as in a dream.  
Three tiny sand dollars and three special coloured sea glass pieces.  The one on the left is a first!
Two special rocks... one is a sailboat and the other is a Piton
Today's grand haul!

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