Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Every Little Bit ~ Other People's Vacation Pics

So much to do, so little time!  We've tried to mix relaxation with full-on touristing this week with Robert and Kathy and I think we've hit on the perfect balance.  Old San Juan is another of those items on the "must-do" list for any first visit to Puerto Rico.  We couldn't let our friends get on that plane without at least a quick run-through.

The morning was spent packing and deciding which shells would remain behind so that the suitcase would be within the allowable weight limit... no easy task!  Then we loaded up the SUV again and headed for OSJ!

The problem with Old San Juan is parking.  The streets are so crowded and narrow and the parking lots get full early, not to mention it taking forever to just get inside of one of them... But we lucked out and found free street parking in not one, but two spots!

The coastline was our primary objective, then a quick lunch on our way to the airport.  These photos show a seriously quick trip through the beautiful old city.  I'm sure it will be covered in future blogs, but enjoy these "Other People's Vacation Pics"!

Here comes a cruise ship!
This fort is huge!  Look how small Robert and Kathy look next to this wall!
Several iguana were climbing this wall.  WHY???
Looking straight up at this iguana who is defying gravity!
The entrance is grand!  Next trip, a tour for sure!
The lighthouse is still in use.

The cruise ship has made it into the harbour.  
Seriously.  I told you it was a quick trip.  That's all the time we have for this visit so it's off to a quick lunch and then the airport.  But we're not saying "goodbye"... merely "so long"!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our week with our old friends and miss them already!

We love having visitors to explore the island with us so what do you think... book a trip!

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