Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lighthouse Cove

Dolphin everywhere!
We finally broke away from the Rockport Dock Glue.  We had planned to spend a week there, but ended up spending an extra three days waiting for deliveries.  We had beautiful weather and the dolphin seemed to be urging us onward!

Our next stop on the ICW was just before Port O'Connor where we turned off into Espiritu Santos Bay.  We were meeting our Buddy Boat in Lighthouse Cove.

Bruce and I spent a "vacation week" here back in July, before we got started on boat projects.  This time we would anchor instead of dock at Army Hole.

This time, we anchored next to Phantom and dinghied over to meet our new friends for the first time.  We spent the next two days getting to know one another and planning our cruise back towards Galveston.

Madagorda Lighthouse in the distance
Our second morning in the cove dawned beautifully but promised rain.

We picked up a passenger from Phantom and proceeded to the island to do some exploring.

We motored through a rain shower thinking "what are we doing out here?"!  But it was fun and at least it wasn't hot!

I was chief navigator on this expedition and used the iPhone to find an aerial view of the island to get the lay of the land.

The google view showed a ditch that ran from the Bay up near the pathway to the lighthouse.  We never made it to the lighthouse on our previous visit here, so that was my plan...

In hindsight, I would have taken the dinghy up the ditch.  It was plenty wide and looked deep enough.  There was also a turning area at the end near the path.  As it was... we took the animal path that led alongside the ditch and had to trek across some brush...  No worries, we're on an adventure!

I'm guessing this will be the last time I'm allowed to navigate...  I chose the incorrect path and we walked on forEVER!  We noticed that we weren't getting any closer to the lighthouse.  I consulted the iPhone again and found that, indeed, we had missed the pathway.

We turned back and retraced our steps to the dinghy, too hot and tired to go up the right path to the lighthouse.  I guess this destination will remain unvisited in our book...

First "Transom Shower" as a Cruiser!
The rains had ceased and the sun came out, making our walk back to the dinghy very warm.  We were ready for a dip off the transom when we returned to the boat.

After our shower, I made some lunch.  The rain had returned by this time and we enjoyed our meal in a slightly dripping cockpit... Add "spray bimini with waterproofing" to our to-do list.

We took a nap and then I got started making dinner.  We had company coming and I was serving fish tacos with mango salsa.

Bruce discovered that we had not closed our forward hatch completely and the v-berth was soaked!  We took everything out and draped the sheets and blankets all over outside the boat to dry in the now sunny dry air...  It was mostly dry by the time our guests arrived for dinner and our day ended in good times.

Our second day in the cove was spent doing boat projects all morning and a bit of fishing in the afternoon.

It was the perfect day and I felt an internal "shift" as we combined the daily life aspects of living on a boat, and the vacation aspects of living on a boat...  Yes, we have duties but we can also drop everything and run and play.  I drowsed in the sunshine while Bruce fished and I was feeling very sorry for anyone who isn't us today...

We caught no fish, but that's OK.  We thoroughly enjoyed our day on the water.  We spent the last evening at Lighthouse cove aboard Phantom, it was their turn to cook.  We made our departure plans for the morning and returned to Dos Libras for a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow... we continue on to cover new ground!  What an exciting time!

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