Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making a Boat a Home

We are closing in on the planned "move-aboard" date and Bruce was able to tick another prep project off the list this week.  

Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle (click for story)
We have been buying bottled water for years and it has always bothered me that we were spending so much money while contributing to one of the growing problems in the US of what to do with all of those plastic bottles...

Obviously we will not be able to continue packing on the cases and cases of bottled water we drink while we cruise.  I've been doing some Internet research on the subject and have found an under counter system that seems to provide what I'm looking for.  It is a simple, lightweight, compact water purifier that will remove all the bad stuff potentially found in our water tanks and make it safe to drink.  

I love to be involved in these projects as I wish to educate myself in their installation in order to fully understand them. However... I have to go to work. Bruce did all the prep work and had it ready to go when I got off work today, with the exception of drilling the hole in the counter top.  I think he would have done that too had I not threatened dire warnings of what would happen if he put it somewhere that didn't make sense to me....

So I picked the spot and he drilled the hole.  (It always makes me cringe to drill holes in the boat... ANY kind of hole).  The final steps were easy and voila!  We have drinking water on tap!  One of Bruce's (not unfounded) fears was that I would reject the taste of this filtered water.  I will admit that it is an adjustment, but one I've committed to making and have done nicely.  The water is good and it gives me peace of mind to know that all the bad stuff is being filtered out.  There are no promises of this in buying bottled water.  

Would I recommend this product?  Yes I would.  It is called The Purest One.  The filter replacements will fit the Seagull but cost nearly half as much.  The system came recommended by other cruisers on the 'net and personally known to me.  Let me throw in my approval of this latest addition to our quest for making the boat a home.