Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Birthdays!

We have a rather smallish family these days...  No big Birthday celebration parties with cousins and uncles and aunts...  My Brother Mark's birthday is the 11th, My daughter Brittney's is the 27th and I share the 17th with Bruce.  We're all busy leading our lives so we decided to have a little party in the middle for all of us.  We were joined by Melissa, Matt, Krystal and Clay at Yoshi Japanese Cuisine on Saturday night.

If you've never tried Yoshi, it's time you did!  It's a little hole in the wall looking place with really great food.  The owner and staff give personal service and the food is all beautifully served with reasonable prices.

Mark was good and stuck to his healthy diet, while the rest of us went crazy, throwing caution to the winds. 
Clay and Krystal shared a huge sushi platter that looked (almost) good enough to eat!  OK, so I'm not so crazy about seaweed... but I love the seared tuna Tataki dish I got as an appetizer.  It was to-die-for!

The owner, Judy, brought out a sampling of each of the 4 different kinds of cheesecake with candles for us to share.  Now I've not been into cheesecake for years, having burned out on it due to overindulgence in my younger days... but this was really good!  It all got passed around and tasted and remarked upon, decidedly... the blueberry is the best. 

Our party moved on from there to meet up at the Annual Texas Jazz Festival over at Heritage Park. This Organization is kind enough to hold a giant birthday party for Bruce and I each year.  We've missed it in recent years as the full moon was earlier in the month and the Harvest Moon Regatta took precedence.  It was so well attended this year, I almost got the feeling that it wasn't being held strictly in our honor. 

Brittney's birthday on the 27th was all Matt's, so Bruce and I held our little celebration of her special day... one day early.  I gave her the opportunity of choosing cake, but she said she didn't want a whole cake laying around the house tempting us.  I vetoed cupcakes in favor of this fruit arrangement. 

Next came the gift giving.  Let us not pretend that Brittney didn't know full well what was inside of that gift bag.  She did a marvelous job of feining excited anticipation as she flung away the wrapping...

On her new Kindle with a hot pink leather case!  I'm jealous!  I just hope that she has time for leisure reading these days with all of the other things she's got going on.  She said "Thanks" and ran off to some prior committment and that was the end of our little party. 

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