Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain(bowed) Out!

I got caught on the phone at work and raced down to the boat to make it in time to get to the start line tonight and it looked ominous. Bruce was rushing to get things ready. I told him to leave the bimini on... it looked like we might need it. Steve and Jacque arrived and we looked at the weather report... looked at the sky... other boats were backing out.

We made the call to hang out on the BYC deck and watch the storm. Now I'm not complaining that we ditched the race and it didn't even rain, but it would have been nice to go out... in hind sight.

The forecast I heard this morning called for light winds, so I invited my friend Mimi out to sail with us. We had already cancelled on her once so this was a "rain check". Foiled again! She seemed content to move our little party to the porch and we spent a pleasant hour or so waiting for our non-weather event to materialize.

What DID materialize however, was a pretty nice rainbow! It's the second I've seen in as many weeks. Must be livin' right. We broke up our little get together and headed home. As I was driving... it looked like we were going to go under the rainbow that stretched from the middle of the bay, all the way out to what looked like it would be ending at our house. I wondered if I would find a pot of gold in the living room when we got home. You just never know...

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