Thursday, August 14, 2008

Latts & Atts

Every month I eagerly await the arrival of the next issue of Latts & Atts. This month was no different. I checked online and found that the 100th issue had just come out. We usually get ours in the mail just before you can view it online. So, I expected to find this month’s issue when I got home today. I was not disappointed.

I have sent in a few pictures in hopes of seeing one of my favorites appear in the center picture section of the magazine. Today, I quickly flipped to the center pages to pour over them to see places we have been and things we have seen. There was a very provocative picture of a woman laying next to a window with a Caribbean view, obviously on a boat. I showed it to Bruce teasing him about how he has probably already scoped it out. He said, you think that’s good, look on the next page. I turned and found a picture of my daughter, Brittney wearing a hat made of a palm leaf. It was taken while were in Belize for her 21st birthday last October.
There she was...we had finally made it! We’re published! I was so excited. I’ll be sending links out to all of my friends and will be buying extra copies. This is the picture and here is a link so that you can all see the other pictures mentioned. Look on page 77 of the September edition.

Oh, and the picture my husband was talking about is of the mother/daughter shower on page 76. He didn’t notice Brittney was in the magazine. Man is he in trouble!!!

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