Saturday, January 30, 2021

Weekends On The Beach


Somebody started this, and I added the "Me Too"

We very seldom go to beaches ~other than our own~ on weekends.  Like in most other places, the fun spots are very crowded on weekends when people are off work.  For whatever reason, we decided to break our unwritten rule today!  When we do venture out, it's always fun to see what we're missing during the week!  

Standing in the tiny waves, watching SUPers paddle around.  Looks like fun!

The beach meadow, looking like Spring!

Not much for sea glass, this beach always has STUFF!

Sundays are the "big day" in Puerto Rico, so we figured we would be relatively crowd free on a Saturday morning.  We drove out to one of our nearby beach walking spots, and found small family groups already beginning to set up on these gentle shores.  Watching daddies frolic with their young children, and daughters attend to their aging abuelas was heartwarming, to say the least... But seeing the surfing lessons was the most fun of all!

These little kids were running a surf relay on the tiny waves! 

I have jars and piles of sea glass, shells, and interesting rocks that I've collected on all of our beach walks... Honestly, I should be cut off until I can get some of these things made into... something!  Normally this beach can be counted upon to NOT provide much for collecting.  But today, we found a nice handfull of Venus shells intact!  I could not resist!

This is all I collected... I SWEAR!

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