Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Beach Walks Are My Physical Therapy


Each Beachwalk is unique...

We may walk this beach a thousand times...

But no two will be the same!

When we walk through our beach gate, we never know what we will find.  Some days it's a surprise, and others, it's just beach life... Today we set out walking over the tracks of SO MANY birds, crabs, and even an iguana or two!  Our beach is a busy place during the night.  Nature's little critters busily erase all that mankind has done, wiping the slate clean for a new day!

We've been busy painting the kitchen, laundry room and hallways in our condo this week, so beach walks have been few.  But we just had to take a break and get some fresh air! On TV we watch news of big snowstorms reaching much of the US, even driving the cold weather as far south as Florida. But we are safe here in the land of endless summer...

Sea Glass hunting was sparse today.  I'm not sure why, but it's been that way for several weeks.  It seems that when there is a lot of sand washing ashore, it covers the rocky patches and that's where we find the sea glass.  These days, since the loss of our leaning palm tree, it seems that the beach has been very busy changing and shifting.  

This is it for the day!

Well, except for this treasure!
We have found several fishing floats washed ashore over our time here.  I've faithfully collected many of them, and brought them home to our condo.  I have just recently ordered a net that I want to hang on our patio wall, to use as a display for these bits of jetsam... This one is covered with critters and it might be too stinky to keep.  We shall see...

Tiny palm flowers have fallen to the sand.

If only I could drag these huge driftwood pieces home!!

My remaining favorite palm...

We walked about 2.5 miles today.  We are trying to increase our distance, and I'm walking barefoot these days on advice from the Physical Therapist.  My foot is still giving me trouble, and I'm trying to be patient with recovery, but sometimes it's hard.  Having these beaches on which to do my therapy makes it so much easier!  

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