Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Unexpected Treats In Caguas

The old buildings that surround these town Plazas are simply amazing!

I had planned to surprise Bruce with a side trip to the Botanical Gardens in Caguas after we left the dermatologist's office, but the Gardens are still closed due to Covid. I had a scheduled pickup time at Sam's Club, so now we have an hour and a half to kill.  What to do....

A quick consultation with Google Maps, and I was headed for the Plaza de Recreo Santiago R. Palmer, or more easily said, Palmer Plaza in Caguas.  All of the municipalities have at least one central plaza, and we've never had the time to visit this one during our many trips to the mountain municipality of Caguas.  

So come with me and see what we got into!

I found parking easily on the one-way street bordering the plaza.  Somehow, I figured out the process... each parking space had a number.  Obviously there is some way to pay for the space... The signs were all in Spanish of course, but I quickly realized that there would be a pay station nearby... I found it, and fed the machine enough to get us an hour!  

We strolled slowly along with umbrellas deployed against a light rain.  That did not deter the numerous pigeons, who miraculously appeared around us! 

WOW!!  How cool is this???

What a beautiful and well-maintained space!

Catedral Dulce Nombre de Jesus

La piedra De Polanco

King's Cream
Somehow, magically, our footsteps led us to the door of this artisanal ice cream shop!  Funny how that happens!!!

Because of Covid, we were quickly expelled from the store. Tossed out into the warm sunny day, each with a mountain of ice cream melting down our arm, we found a bench where we could sit, and focus our attention on slurping this TREAT before having to wear it home! The ice cream was delicious!  Bruce got pistachio/coconut and and I got coconut/almond!  (one scoop of each) And for those of you back in the 'States, eat your hearts out!  The cost for both of these with tax was less than $5!! Have I told you lately how much I love Puerto Rico???

I'm sure there is some significance to this brick structure inside the tree...

Somehow we managed to finish the ice cream without getting it everywhere.  Thankfully I carry towelettes with me, and we were able to minimize the damage.  With full but happy tummies, we continued our stroll around the Plaza.  

I always do a bit of research when writing these blog posts.  After the fact, I often learn cool things about these places, that I wish I had known before.  

What I found out this time, is that there are several museums and historical sites within walking distance of this Plaza, that will be of great interest to Bruce, so we will have to plan better for our return visit to Caguas.  Next time, I'll have to plan for more time to kill!  And more ice cream!

Historical Mayor's Home

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