Thursday, January 14, 2021

A Cloudy Day For A Beachwalk

What is he doing now???

Even in January, when the sun is shining here in Puerto Rico, it can get pretty warm.  Especially when we're out exercising.  Mostly the Caribbean Breezes keep us cool, but some days, we are lucky enough to have almost complete cloud cover to make our walk a delight.  Back in our cruising days, we never even made it to breakfast without checking the weather. Here, we go weeks without even thinking about it. (Unless it's hurricane season, but that's another story) We live on an island.  In The-Freakin'-Caribbean!  Of course it's going to rain today!

Our first steps onto the beach today brought the excitement of a new place.  Yes, we've walked this beach many times, but it always surprises us how the forces of nature continually change our beaches.  We haven't been here in many weeks, and we were a little sad to see that during our absence, we lost quite a few huge palm trees!  

After a little entertainment, we took off toward the mouth of the Rio Maunabo.  Along the way, we found a few things of interest, but very little sea glass.  This is one of the beaches where I often find a nice handful... but not today!

Lichen of many different types grow on the dead tree trunks.

This is where palm trees come from!

The Black Sand is my favorite!

Kind of looks like a heart, doesn't it?

A little black sand, a little beige sand...

Never. Gets. Old.

We covered the distance to the mouth of Rio Maunabo relatively quickly with no sea glass to slow us down.  So many missing palm trees, and quite a few just lying where they fell!  But there is a lot more new sand than we found last visit, so while Mother Nature takes, she gives also.  

Amazing!  Where a high bank with the river cutting through the multicolored layers once was, there is now a flat bank of sand with waves pushing their way into the river.  We enjoyed the new view and rested for a little while.  As I relaxed, drinking in the beauty of our surroundings... my gaze focused on the line of rain that was rushing across the water, headed directly for US!!!

Break time is over!

Here comes the rain!

We scrambled up the embankment and into the protection of the palm forest!  While it didn't provide complete cover, it kept us mostly dry.  Well... maybe just kept us from getting soaked to the skin!  But it's OK, because it's still in the low 80s anyway... and who doesn't love a refreshing shower?

Once the rain had passed, we came out of hiding and headed back to the car. 

Back at the car, we took off our sun shirts, and rinsed the sand off of our feet, then we set up our chairs and brought out our picnic lunch!  This beach, one of our Secret Beaches, has the perfect picnic spot!  We enjoyed the breeze, and the play of the clouds and sun across the waves, until the sun came out for good!  Suddenly, it was getting HOT!  So, we packed our stuff and called it a day!  

Sandwiches are always better with a view!

Yup!  Sunshine!

These are all the treasures I found today!

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