Sunday, January 26, 2020


Each Beachwalk is unique...
We may walk this beach a thousand times...
But no two will be the same!

This morning I looked out of my bedroom window at the pink edges around the clouds as the sun came up, and it energized me.  Bruce was easy to convince that a beach walk was the way to jump-start our day!

After some weeks of high winds, we've finally got some calm days, and our bay is laying down nicely.  Walking along in the cool morning air, barely a breath of breeze whispers from the palm forrest, bearing delicious flower scents.  My bare feet on the sand register the cool of night, then the contrasting warmth as I approach the water.  It's an amazing time to be out here!

Today's photo subject!

As we walked along, we searched the rock piles for sea glass.  Some days are good, others not so much.  When we started, it seemed like we wouldn't find much.

I can't say that I got much exercise, but just getting out of bed and walking around must count for something.  Add to that, bending and reaching for bits of glass... Can't complain.  But the best part is what it does for my mind.  I wish there was scratch-n-sniff technology for the blog, because the honey scented flowers hidden somewhere behind the stand of palm trees is simply heavenly.  I can feel it washing through my head, brushing away any worries or cares.

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