Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Each Beachwalk is unique...
We may walk this beach a thousand times...
But no two will be the same!

We've had quite a bit of wind and some high surf for a few days.  I always worry about the erosion on our beach.  Today we went out to see what all the roaring was about, and found that, indeed, we had lost a bit of sand.  Looking to the east, there was quite a lot of rocky patches exposed once again.  We won't walk that way!

I'm taking advantage of our built in "treadmill" for the exercise aspect, so today, we set out to walk all the way west to check on the leaning trees.

About a half mile up our beach, there is a big white tank that washed up before we moved here.  It's sort of a gauge for the depth of our sand.  See above, the photo from today with the sand all washed out around the tank?  Then here is a photo from September that shows it with a lot more sand.  And this isn't even the highest it got.  After the storms this summer, it was almost buried, but I can't find a picture to show.  It just amazes me how powerful nature can be!

I love these Palm "Flowers"
This tall palm tree just snapped off near the ground!
Pretty good haul of sea glass so far today!
Newly exposed palm roots
As we walked further down the beach, we saw more and more signs of erosion.  So many of the palm trees were in perilous shape.  One tall one fell for no apparent reason, while several others have fallen into the water after their roots were exposed and swept out from beneath them. The closer we got to our favorite leaning palms, the more worried we became!

This was once covered in deep sand.  Now it's gone and the roots are bare!
Thankfully, they are still there!
A tree for HE...
And a tree for ME!
If that doesn't look like ZEN... I don't know what does!  Lying back on a swaying palm tree, looking up at the tall trees as the wind ruffles their fronds, the sound of the waves mixes with the thick, salty air to close in around me and envelope me completely... I can close my eyes and feel like I'm truly a part of this island.

We are so happy to see these trees!

After we meditate for a while, we reluctantly turn back for a brisk walk home.  I guess I don't care how many calories I've burned taking my leisurely beach walk... I'll just keep on doing it my way!

Coconut poacher at work.

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