Sunday, October 27, 2019

Back To The Beach

Each Beachwalk is unique...
We may walk this beach a thousand times...
But no two will be the same!

It's been a few days since we have had time to walk the beach, so this morning we made it a priority.  I took my turtle watching stuff, notebook, iPad with the coordinate marking app, and the orange nest marking tape.  There were no new nests last time we came out, and it hasn't been long enough for the babies to hatch, so we didn't really expect to find anything.  There had been quite a bit of heavy rain in the past two days, and the sand was all pounded flat with raindrop divots. We couldn't even see signs of tracks from the known nests!

So, we walked on and turned our attention to the search for sea glass. There are thousands of pale yellow butterflies, ironically called Great Southern White, migrating through the island.  They just flow around us on their way to wherever butterflies go...  One stopped for a moment on the sand and I snapped a photo just before the wave chased him away!

We walked and took breaks sitting in the shade on one of the many fallen palms.  The breeze was cool and fresh.  Clouds passed overhead, alternately dampening the brilliance of the Caribbean Sea, and then revealing the shades of blue and green of our earliest memories of the island.

A sunny patch!
Both of us were wearing shoes this time out, so we found a break in the palm tree line where vehicles have made an overgrown pathway.  A little apprehensive, I remembered a conversation with Gwen, a daughter of the family who owns our neighbourhood coconut farm, in which she invited us to walk in the forest any time.  Today was our first time to take her up on it.  The breeze immediately stopped and while it was very cool in the shade, the sunny patches reminded us that we will never feel the cold fingers of winter here.  We followed the bushy pathway for a distance, but turned back when it began to be swampy.  That's enough for today!  The sun was higher and the wind a bit stronger when we broke back out onto the beach from the palm grove.

The rest of our walk was much like so many others.  I searched the rock piles for sea glass, finding the coveted blue piece.  Ahh we can go home now.

Ram's Horn Shell

We are amazed at how busy we are, even though we are both retired.  Every time we go days between beach walks, we vow not to let so much time go before we get back... to the beach!

Today's Treasures!

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