Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Beachwalk ~ The Morning After TS Karen

Serene and relaxed

Each Beachwalk is unique...
We may walk this beach a thousand times...
But no two will be the same!

Surprisingly, we slept well as Tropical Storm Karen kissed the east coast of our island home in the night.  This morning we sprung from bed with joyous hearts!  Being unable to wait, we took our coffee and rushed out to see what was left of our beach.  I'm happy to report that we have TONS more sand, and just like that... our life resumes here in Paradise!  Our relief knows no bounds and we frolicked like kids... well, at least I did!  Bruce isn't much of a frolicker!

The Sweet Peas struggle to keep their heads above the new layer of sand washed WAY up onto the beach!
We said hello to our neighbours, Blackie and Santos, also taking their morning walk!

We found the elusive blue piece of sea glass!
The best part of waking up... is coffee on the beach!
When the coffee is gone, the cup becomes a collection holder!

Morning Glories rise from the layers of sand!
The air is thick with the scent of so many of these tiny palm blossoms!

Ok, so maybe Bruce DOES frolic a little!
We walked all the way down the beach to check on our palms... They survived!  Yay!

Today's waves are SO gentle... after the ferocious waves yesterday!

And the bees are back at it again.  They never missed a beat!
Our first RED piece!

Returning home along the shore, we felt the last weight of Tropical Storm Karen drain out of our bodies and run into the sea with the retreating waves.  Words can't describe our relief and happiness at being spared once again.  Our boat is fine.  Our beach is fine... in fact, it's more than fine!  My worries of erosion seem silly now when I see SO much more sand piled high by Karen.  Crossing our fingers, we hope that our 2019 storm season is drifting into historical memory...

But we have the beauty of the day, and these reminders of TS Karen to keep!

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