Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Plaza On Mother's Day

The fountain in centre with the Church just beyond.
Puerto Rico is a delightful mix of the new and the old.  The history here is almost palpable as the people keep the old ways alive, and much of their history has it's roots in Spain since 1500s when Christopher Columbus arrived.  It was during this time that Plazas were introduced to the Island.

Each little town or municipality has its own central Plaza.  They are a place of obvious pride for the people who live nearby and are kept neat and clean.  Fiestas, music and many other activities can be found in the Plaza, as well as a variety of vendors plying their trade in the streets around the town centre. This Mother's Day, we were joined by Cruising friends, Pat and Darnell for a relaxing dinner at Donde Pica el Peje (where the fish bite), and then for dessert...we came here to the Plaza in Guayama in search of ice cream!

Just one of the old buildings sporting a fresh coat of paint!
I felt a welling of pride as we walked the street to the Plaza from the side street where we parked the car.  Of course I have no reason to take pride in the accomplishments of the people of Puerto Rico... I've only just moved here and had no part in it... But I feel it anyway.  When I hear the exclamations of pleasure and surprise at how lovely these old buildings are and how well they're maintained, it just makes my heart feel warm.  Yes, the people of Puerto Rico have undergone a terrible trial with hurricane Maria, but they have worked together and brought their towns back from disaster and made them fresh and new again for all to enjoy!

The sound of easy-listening music reached us as we stepped into the Plaza.  There were people standing around, or seated on the many park benches... couples, families and lots of little children... all just relaxing and listening to the music and song in the balmy Caribbean breeze.  The lights of the Plaza were soft in inviting... But we were looking for REX CREAM!  We've seen this place and wondered at the name many times.  It wasn't until several friends recommended it that it made its way to the top of our bucket list!

It's a small shop with a long list of flavours, most of which are regional such as Tamarind, Guava, Passionfruit... I've even been told they have CORN ~ although I didn't notice it on the menu when we went... I'll definitely look that one up!

Seriously though.  And only $3.75 each!
I chose Almond and Bruce got his favorite, coconut.  We both got waffle cones and were not prepared for the explosion of richness that shut down our ability to think!  Next time we will settle for a simple one scoop cup because nobody deserves THAT much heaven in one serving!

Seriously people... this ice cream is the most creamy, rich and flavourful ice cream I've ever experienced... and the prices are LOW!  I'm in trouble!!!

Does that look like happiness?  It IS!!!
We took our rapidly melting treats to the plaza centre to find a bench for the four of us to relax and listen to the music.

We had no idea that our search for ice cream would end in a relaxing, cultural experience in one of the most beautiful Plazas in Puerto Rico.  We've been here in daylight and found it pleasant, but a whole new kind of magic happens here at night.

The people aren't rowdy... they just quietly enjoy the air and the music and time with family.  It's a free show for all to enjoy and it just makes us all-the-more sure that we've chosen the perfect home!

The babbling fountain sparkles in the night.
A local man welcomed us and volunteered to take our picture together.  So nice!

Bruce and I don't go out at night much... but with promise of music in this Plaza ever other Sunday, and maybe a decadent treat... I think we may make this a semi-regular event!  We finished our ice cream and called it an evening... But Darnell suggested we check out the brightly lit vendor across the way first.

Soft tiles were laid out on the sidewalk to create a "kid space" for the littles.  They were wiggling but engrossed in a cartoon that was playing on a big screen next to the food truck.  And what did we find for sale in that food truck?  COTTON CANDY!  For $2!!!  OMG I'm in heaven!

I have no words!
Every time we leave our Villa we find something else to love about this island and we look forward to visiting ALL of the many Plazas here!  My Mother's Day was everything I could want with the exception of a VISIT from my daughters... but a phone call will have to do!  Happy Mother's Day to all of our Mom friends out there!  I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be!

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